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Free Tire Tracking Software

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A client version, available with a license, allows mechanics to consult/print  vehicles data from the garage while managers consult history records and  generate reports from their office. The system is fully bilingual (English/French) and the language of the session can be changed at any time. It supports currencies in $, £, €, ¥, wear calculations in 32th of inch or in millimeters and distances in kilometers or miles.

This software was entirely written in Java and requires the "Java Runtime Environment" JRE 1.5 (or higher) available for free from Sun Microsystem The last version of the application using  JRE 1.4 is the December 16th 2006 version which is not available for download anymore. All newer versions require JRE 1.5.

The two following animations were written in Java. If you do not see any of them that means that Java is not installed on your system or that Java is not enabled in your browser. If you only see the first animation you have the JRE 1.4 installed if you see both of them your system is configured with JRE 1.5 or higher.

Java RunTime Environment JRE 1.4
Java RunTime Environment JRE 1.5

download Java
from Sun site: 
GetJava Download Button

This software uses a database that comes with a Gnu General license

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